Sunday, 22 January 2012


Today I am making a list of all the home projects I want to get done...most are for decorative purposes, others are just to turn what we have into nicer versions of here is the list of what is to come:

1)  Dog beds, right now we have a piece of foam wrapped in an old comforter for the dogs to sleep yes we would like nicer versions of these, since that is the reason we bought the foam in the first place. I think I will make a pattern for those today.

2) Bedroom wall art. I already have an idea for what will go on the wall over the bed, I just need to make it happen. This will (hopefully) be another easy peezy DIY!

3) Covering my drawers. Right now I have one of those plastic drawers that you can get from Canadian Tire in our room, that is where I keep my pants and such, but let me honest plastic drawers aren't exactly chic like my newly painted bedroom. So stay tuned to see how I manage to turn these into something glamorous!

4) Kitchen wall art. Inspired by Swakes (she commented on a few of my posts) this will no doubt take a little longer, but I think you will all love the DIY approach to this one. 

5) Since we rent, we can't exactly change the fact that our doors are wood. I will devise a creative way to make this happen in the studio, since I think the closet doors are a bit too much on the space.

6) Photo display. The boyfriend is really into taking photos and such, and we happen to have this left piece of board (I think it was from the last tenants bed frame). There were 3, one has been transformed into my studio desk, that I painted white. Another is the office desk, but still needs a coat of paint, likely the same colour as the bricks in this room. The third will be our photo display! I need a bit of money before I make this one happen the way I want...hence why it is at the end of the list!

I am sure I will be coming up with many more projects, DIYs, and other ideas! This is just the list so far! What should I start with?

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  1. Start with the dog beds, and see if you can find a material that keeps the dog hair in the bed. I'm not a fan of the bottom of my socks being a collection sight for the fur :P