Monday, 16 January 2012

Jewelry wall art

Jewelry, what a silly word, but I'm crazy about the stuff! So when I came home one day and the boyfriend had all mine on display I was crazy about that and even more crazy about him! Check out below the creative way the boy cleaned up my piles of jewelry:

It's actually an old vintage screen from a window. He found it in our last apartments storage unit, and cleaned it for me. he added a few nail along the center piece to hang my necklaces, and attached a cord to the back so it could hang like art on the wall. I love it, and it's really a great way to keep all my earrings and necklaces organized and easy to find! It would be an easy DIY as you could build the frame, or use the frame from a canvas, and then attach the screen with a staple gun. (Mesh screen is available at local hardware stores.) 

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