Friday, 13 January 2012

Sometimes being warm isn't so fashionable...

Montreal in the winter = fashionable winter, for the most part. I mean you walk downtown and these people have really got it together, they understand that winter doesn't mean you have to bundle up in rags, you can bundle up in some very nice winter jackets. A lot out there now are down filled, and good looking! 

However, I do feel pretty bad when I take my dogs out, because they whine after 5 minutes with the salt and ice,  so we (boyfriend and I) didn't have much choice but to get them winter boots of their own. If you have dogs, and you have ever tried boots on them, then you know how terribly funny it is, so I really get a small lift of joy every time we walk them outside! It really helps brighten your mood before a walk through a storm...

Please meet Argos (named for the Odysseus' faithful dog in Greek mythology.) Not to be confused with anyone who would name their dog after the Toronto Argonauts...I am not a fan of them. GO ALOUETTES! That's right I said it! Isn't he adorable in his boots?

And please me Troy (also named from Greek mythology, but is the name of a city) A little more awkward in his boots, but agile all the same!

And to be honest I don't think that the other dogs make fun of them. I mean they aren't children, even tho we treat them like they are! A lot of the people we pass when we walk them either compliment them, or ask where we bought them. Yesterday some lady honked at me to get my attention just so she could ask. Clearly finding boots for her dog is a top priority!

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