Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Starting something new...

I have been dreaming for a long time that I would one day start my own clothing line, that day has been postponed for many reasons.

First money, I always thought "I'll need to clear out my debt to do this", then you realize no debt, what a silly thought! So maybe managing my debt would be a better way to do this...ok check. Debt sort of managed, but now I need somewhere to do this, you know be creative, some sort of a space where I can layout all my thoughts...lucky me, the boyfriend and I land a sweet 2 bedroom creative space is equal to the second bedroom **cough cough** the room is small, but beggers cannot be choosers or something like that. Ok check!

Now I need time right...if I think back to when I was in school, who needed time, you could crank out those assignments last minute in the middle of the night when you needed to...not that I want to be awake at all hours of the night, but this last excuse I have come to realize was just me holding myself back. 

So here I am going for lands us here upon my first blog post...I want a space where I can be lets get on it. As you can see by the pictures I have, the room is small and quite packed up! But thanks to some much needed inspiration over at " Maegan" blog I think I can make it work and function as a place to get things started! I am hoping that this blog will be an online journal of my creative process and all the little things in between!

Thank you and let me welcome you to my space!!!

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