Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Where o where does time go?

I have not written on here for the past year lately for a couple of reasons. #1) I started a new job at the end of January of 2012 and am lazy when I get home, NOT a good reason. #2) The real reason, I forgot my password to login...silly I know. Anyhow I have this all figured out now!!! I am hoping to get back on track and onto some new projects and finish up some current ones; that way I will have something to blog about other than being dumb and forgetting my password...

Some current projects include: wood art piece for the wall (as seen on pinterest), organizing the bedroom and of course the studio, since I cannot seem to keep either of those spaces tidy much less organized for longer than 48 hours. Next are ROMAN BLINDS for my lovely neighbor @ShanntyTown, you can follow her on twitter and instagram where you can see the first round of BLINDS! I will be making her another set (by Valentine's day) identical to these for her yoga room and other versions of, for the remainder of her humble home!!! Not so busy, so you know I picked up a side job today, pimping out my graphics skills freelancing for a design company on a TBD project!

Other endeavors I have on the go include, Annual Charity Fashion Show with Heels and HeART where proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and through participating for Team in Training. Training and running in my 4th marathon. On top of that I want to challenge myself to a set of 6 pack I will continue my bootcamp sessions with Lemieux Training once he returns after February 10th, while starting up the 300 ultimate ab challenge (everyday for 30 days) I will post a pic of me before and after, how ever long it takes to get there! I have heard that you need to adapt your diet if you want to see results, I don't have a horrible diet, but we will save that for the AB-by blog posts I will be putting up.

It has been snowing in and around Montreal too, go figure, so I have also been trying to take advantage of the slopes and going snowboarding any free night I can manage when the temperature has been above -10! My goal so far has been to make it to the bottom without falling, so far so good, next up get some speed, after that maybe I will venture through the trees! Thankfully I bought a wonderful new helmet this year! 

In addition, I nearly forgot to mention, I am meeting a language exchange partner tomorrow! We will be trading his fabulous Spanish for my (let's go with) intermediate French speaking skills! 1 hour a week, as long as our schedules can match! By the time I run the marathon I will be a 6 pack owning, Spanish speaking, fundraising, blind sewing, snowboarding, running mess! It will be TOTALLY worth it!!

I was just complaining that my life was a little dull not more than 2 hours ago...not that all this stuff is in any way comparable to the exciting lives I was comparing myself too, but at least I won't be too bored to think and dwell on it! Time to get started! Hahaha...funny it's 11:50pm I'm going to curl up with Fifty Shade Darker my book and fall asleep! Tomorrow we I start the ab challenge! Anyone with me?

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