Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Scarves, scarves and scarves...

If you own a zillion and one scarves like me, organizing them, and knowing what you have can be difficult. Here is a quick idea that my boyfriend came up with. Also, it adds colour to our bedroom...which I really appreciate. There are a ton of scarves on mine, but you could organize yours however you like! It's simple really!

This was made using a left over bar from an armoir that we had and some embroidery thread that I happen to have laying around. I decided the length I needed and looped it a few times for strength, tied each end in a knot, and threaded it through the bar. The loops of the thread are attached to 2 screws in the wall add a bunch of  scarves and voila! If you organized it better, you could have it flow by colour, or length. I prefer the over abundance look and have just thrown them on there! Just a quick solution to the endless searching through my closet every day, hoping to find the one I want to wear!

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