Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pink to Sunny

My pink room, the room I discussed becoming the creativity space where I can create and be creative. Well it is underway, 3 coats of white paint later and that wrong shade of pink has been covered, which was a lot of work considering you can tell that whoever painted that pink did a quick one coat...I had to do 3 just to hide it. Alas, it is done! The painting, not the room. It is underway, and needs some shelving or something to help with organization, but we will get to that when we can, and can afford it! I am not sure if I mentioned that I am in my 20's (late 20's but still my 20's) and my boyfriend, who I live with, is a full time student; just want to point out that we are not swimming in allowance for shelving, we prefer to eat among other things.

This is the start, it had a long way to go, but not as long as it did 5 days ago. I am happy that the paint is done, I also painted the table top, that still needs real legs, so that my bins can be useful storage again.

Behind the door, which I did not photograph, we hung up some hooks for our broom, swiffer, mop, & vacuum. I just wanted to share that, so that you all know we actually own those things. 

Unfortunately this room is home to all objects with no home in the apartment (ie: the fan) so it will stay there, because there is where I put it. I might move it to the left, or maybe to another corner, but yes in that room is where it will stay, until summer hits and we try to cool ourselves. 
(P.S: I love that this photo hides the fact that it is winter outside, so that makes me happy, I can look and pretend it is only fall, because I love fall!)

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