Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Makeshift bar...

Because when life gives you add vodka! (At least I am sure Chelsea Handler would agree with me!) Either way, I like to have a bar in my home, but since I rent I can't exactly do all sorts of construction to make a real authentic one, you know. Instead I stick to makeshift versions of the real thing. In our last apartment, we had this random inlet spot with a skylight. It also had a window that opened into our dining room, clearly I turned that space into my bar. That might have been the best thing about that place...sad really, but clearly a reason we didn't stay there. And since this new apartment doesn't have a similar random inlet spot and definitely no skylights...since there is an apartment above us here, I had to make do with what we had. Lucky for me, there is a random corner shelf type of thing in our kitchen. So low and behold, new bar area! I don't know why but I really like to have all my glasses and alcohol on display. It's not complete, I would still like to make some sort of wine rack for underneath, and it really needs some art, or mirrors...I am working on that!

Yes, I know there is not that much alcohol hanging out on display, but let's be honest does anyone in their 20's have alcohol consistently on display?

(I'd like to add that the baby keg thing on top is actually a handmade, from bamboo, shot dispenser that comes with it's own bamboo shot glasses. The boyfriends Mom got that for me, so let's see, does she know me? Better then one would think considering we don't speak the same language, but more about that later!)


  1. You finally did it!!! YAY - productive evening. Good work :)

  2. Yes thanks! There is more to come, just didn't want to overload with posts/pics in one day!