Friday, 20 January 2012

Easy Motivational Art

DIY easy peezy lemon squeezy...

First step is to choose your motivational word art!

I chose:
LIVE what you LOVE
It really fits the vibe in our place, the boy and I are all about working doing what you love, we figure money will follow...

I used illustrator to make the layout and choose colours:

I then printed my images and cut them to size:

Put them in frames and voilĂ !

Now to go out and buy the little hooks to hang them on the wall. These are for the bathroom, I figured the best place for motivation; we end up in there every morning!

And voilĂ , hanging on our yellow wall!


  1. First of all Happy New Year!!! Second of all you have a blog?!?!?!?! Third of all, I love this motivational word art if I was to do this on a non-mac computer, where would find this illustrator program?

  2. Well illustrator is part of Adobe Creative Suites, but if you have paint you can make it happen from there! (I think paint is part of a PC yes?)

  3. But Adobe you can get for PC's too, but you have to buy it...I think paint is already on your computer?