Friday, 20 January 2012

Just add paint and fabric!

Revamping furniture has become a big thing around our place, seeing as how our budget is ultra tight...

This was the chair I had been using for the past 3 years as a stool to paint walls when my arm length just wouldn't suffice. It's covered in paint drips and the seat is just old and yucky looking, but now that we have agreed to NOT change apartments for a while, I figured I'd give this old chair a new look. I won't be painting anytime soon; all my rooms have received their fresh coats/looks!

Check it out: OLD CHAIR

 Removed the seat, and gave it a fresh coat of white paint...leftover from the walls. 

Used a staple gun and some fabric I had laying around to recover the seat.

And here it is! New looking chair that matches both the kitchen and the studio, so I won't feel as broke when I have guests for dinner. Now my chair looks like it belongs!

P.S: Yes it is an old tee shirt that I am using to keep the paint from dripping on the least I hope it's an old tee shirt...maybe don't tell the boyfriend!

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