Thursday, 5 January 2012


So I have been inspiring myself with design ideas, and think that the "pink room" might take a while to get under control, but today I did move somethings around and removed a few. I wanted to share my design ideas/inspiration for the room. I am sure there will be more, but figured that we all need to start somewhere, and who knows maybe me de-cluttering my room will help you to do the same...2012 the year of de-clutter. (I don't care if that is a word or not, I am using it multiple times throughout my post!)

Who is to say what my room will turn out like, but at least I have somewhere that I am heading with it!

I would like to point out that I like how the magazine storage containers have been attached to the shelf above.

I think that a bold colour for one wall, since the room is small, is a positive creative addition. The rest of the room will be white, but I don't know that I will necessarily use this blue. I tend to get a lot of my supplies at the Habitat for Humanity in my area. Saves money for one, helps charity and I like to think that it helps the environment, because what else are they going to do with all that paint that is returned to Home Depot. So I buy it and use it; can't beat $8 for a gallon of paint.

I really like the chalkboard idea, but might get messy in my space with fabrics and all. However, the bins and shelves are a great look.

I already have a cork board, but adding an enlarged frame could be a great way to add focus in the room...we'll see.

Love the clipboard idea, plus you can get the clipboards at the dollar store, so bonus there. Clearly I am on a budget! 

(All pictures are from > inspiration for workspace section)

I also have a few DIY ideas, but want to keep them aside till I can show you the steps with the final product! Let's hope I get on them sooner than later... so what do you think?


  1. I love the chalkboard idea too, however from experience it is a huge mess!!! If you do go this route, you can get chalkboard paper that you can put on the wall or a door. It's easy to use and comes off without a mess PLUS you can get it at the dollar store!!!
    For your cork board, you could make a frame out of cardboard and cover it in stuffing/padding, and then cover that in scrap material? Just an idea :)
    As for the one wall a bold colour - I would suggest you don't make it the back wall that you see as soon as you walk in - make that a lighter colour and it will give the feeling that the room is bigger. If you use that as your focal wall it might make the room feel smaller, as the wall will seem closer.
    Keep it up lady - we will push through (team unit!!) :)

  2. Thanks Swakes...I was thinking the wall with the door and window as the colour wall? At the end, so it broken up by the door, and window/curtains. But I would leave the window sill white, and paint the rest of the room white. I love the idea for the frame for the cork board!!! I have a few other ideas up my sleeves much to do lol, just need the money for it!!!

  3. I like the clipboard idea, and will steal that when I finally have a classroom slash place of my own! I also love the blog. At first I was like, what is this girl posting, but now I understand.

  4. If you notice I already set up my blank slate clipboards in the space. I have a few projects in mind to start, so no doubt I will start using them immediately! And yes, glad you caught on to where I am going with my blog. Eventually there will be more sections to this blog than just my home and space, but for now I needed to start somewhere! You can follow along, when more subjects are posted, by following the list of labels on the top right. So you will eventually be able to follow things about the pups or design or whatever I choose to label them by! Thanks for joining SIS!